Saturday, April 5, 2014

April Showers

I cant believe its been almost a year since I last wrote. My health finally has improved since last time. I still get sick time to time but not as often. I figuring out my new Celiac lifestyle and its getting better every month.
Here are a few things I looking forward to this year or basically this summer!
1. A baby - my cousin is having a baby and I can't wait to spoil the future Lily Bean. I hope that I might travel East to see her.
2. Sewing - I love the craft of sewing. I going to make some pillows, totes, pencil pouches, and clutches and sell them on Etsy or Ebay. I will let you know when that happens.
3. Going back to college - I thought I was done with that - but nope now I have to go for work again. But I can take whatever I want so I might take some fun classes.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Almost June

So I am about the rant. That is what blogs are for - Ok

So this year can't get over fast enough - I am sick of it - And maybe its because for most of this school year since August _ I been sick one way or another. Most of my friends and family are thinking WTF by now. I am not making it up - I really been sick. From August to December I had a stomach bug that was actually celiac disease. From January to Now its been me adjusting to a new diet and still being sick. My body doesn't defend for itself anymore so I have take medicines to help - but like Sharla fashion I forget to take them and takes causes problems. The latest issue is bronchitis which I know the medicine for that is going to make me sick before I feel better. I just want to feel myself again - I am so tired of being sick. So I guess I need put my pills into a daily reminder organizer and take the pills - even if they mostly vitamins.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Okay as promise here is my recipe for my Chili Pie - Oh so good -

First things first Cresent Roll Pie Crust - Oh yeah baby!!!
1 glass pie dish (the one you would use for apple, cherry or whatever pie)
2 cresent rolls (use the oven setting and pre-heat oven now and when you pop pie in oven use the bake time for pie as well).
Layers cresents onto pie dish - making sure you cant see glass no more - it okay to go over dish and I will tell you why later (:
What you dont use on bottom will go on top of chili later - Just chillax
Making the chili
In Large flying pan (and I mean Large people) add the following
2 T of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
1 meduim onion chopped/diced to no recognition
4 cloves of garlic chopped or 3 T of garlic chopped (that can that you find in the produce aisle)
Cook these until onions are carmelized (golden brown - not burnt - geez)
OK the fun part:)
1 roll of sage or italian sausage or 16oz (1pd) of sausage. Roll works best because I cut and drop into pan as I go Making sure its cooked prior to adding Ground beef
1 pound (less/more) of ground beef - I like to use any ground less than 15% of fat _ Brown it - Cook it - Ecoli doesnt happen here - yikes
Now we are cooking - dip into some wine or choclate or BOTH
Add 1 pkg of standard chili mix!!!  but I like Carroll Shellbys Original Chili Mix - I use only the chili part and sometime the Mesa flour. only need 1 T of mix and save the rest for another pie or three - yes you can make up to 3 more pies w/ Shellbys
add some water enough so it doesnt start burning up the kitchen - 3 T worth - or if you using packet pour water into pack and pour in pan (:
add 1 can of tomato sauce (medium size) and 1 can on tomato paste (small size)
add 1 or 2 cans of kidney beans -DRAIN/RINSED if you like me, dad and mom we like our beans so its 2 for us.
1 small can of corn (opinional) DRAINED ONLY
1 small can of diced green chilis or if you are so brave yes you are 2 real jalpanos diced-chopped w/o seeds.
1 head of Cilantro - leaves only chopped and diced
Okay time to pour this mess into cresent roll pie dish
smooth top and add the rest of cresent rolls - like you would for cherry pie leaving pie open to breathe
BAKE for 14 minutes at 375 (or whatever the cresent roll say) - when the top of crust is golden brown you know its done - I put dish on a cookie sheet just in case the chili wants to bubble out of pie dish - yes it does like to do that ): sad cleanup in oven might be needed...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What Happened?

So I can't believe that I haven't posted since April. Lots Happened since then too. For one I graduated college - Yahoo. Lots of hard work finally paid off and now I am paying it off, lol.
My 30 year high school reunion was this summer. Yet it was let HS again. Dorks and loners here and smarts, clicks, and athletes over here. I did manage to have a okay time but I feel like the loners and dorks like me need there own HS reunion where they feel more welcome vs. unwanted. At the end of summer I got a weird stomach bug that never gone away - Yes still dealing with it - got medical specialist now - so we will see.
So I finally got bored and refound a new hobby. I loved cross stitching back in the day and I picked it up sort-of again. I discovered what is called redwork which is crossover of cross stitching except there no barely x's and there is typically only one color - RED typically hince the name. But most are finished on fabric. So I decided I needed to learn to sew. So I took a class and fell in love with it. So now I am tote bag - pillow making queen.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Its Spring

Finally able to get outside and plant veggies. Plus in few short days I will be walking down to graduation with BS in human development.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Its A New Year 2012

Its hard to believe that 2011 is finsihed. This year went by fast for me. I am basically finished with my BS degree at WPC and now waiting to see if I get into MAT programs. Got an interview for it and I am keeping my fingers crossed.In the meantime, I not letting things slide; I taking a science credit and 1 more class for BS. I can breathe again after the end of March.
I am not going to make any New Year Promises; I know that I will just break them in less than 10 days. I just will do theses things:
College until 2013 hopefully (:
and travel out of state (if no college in the summer)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Big Wave Scarf

Although I am not finish yet...I wanted to post this scarf as it is basically the same as Catch the Wave Scarf...only bigger.

The same abbreviations apply for The Big Wave Scarf
CF - take two live sts off left needle and put them on holder in front of work, knit two from left needle then knit live sts from holder.

worsted weight yarn. I used lana bambu (1 skein). Needle size 9 but can use any size.

CO 29

knit 6 rows

Setup row: K5, *k4, p1* 2x, k9
all odd K5, *P4, k1* 2x, p4, k5
row 2: K5, CF, *k1, p1* 1x, k9
row 4: K5, *CF, p1* 1x, k4, p1, k9
row 6: K9, *p1, CF* 1x, k9
row 8: K9, p1, k4, p1, CF, p1, CF, k5
row 10: K9, *p1, k4* 1x, p1, CF, k5
row 12: K9, *p1, k4* 2x, k5
row 13: odd

2x – repeat 2 more times
1x – repeat 1 more time

Repeat rows 2 – 13 until length desired